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...is 'BORAT'!!!

After a very disappointing 'History Boys' (just don't see it!), I found the trailer to a highly celebrated movie (well in London at the moment...), called 'BORAT' . Not everyone likes the movie about a man from Kazachstan, who came to the USA to make a movie... and amongst them is first of all the gouvernment of Kazachstan, which run ads in the NY Times to distance themselves from the British comedian. And I guess, what the people love about the film is the depiction of Borats view on America. How far can comedy go? But maybe it is time to check out the boundaries... And possibly one needs the superficial entry to gain a deeper access?

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It looks like a table turned upside down. What you can't see is that it is derelict and the inside is empty amd roofless. Power stations are developping sites in London and transform now the power of art as seen in TATE MODERN and the WAPPING Project.

Now the attention has turned west to Battersea. This magnificant building once provided 20% of the power for London. And the architect also designed the famous red telephone boxes. Now the power station is open to the public for the first time; it houses the exhibition CHINA POWER STATION with contemporary Chinese Art and then the area will be developed to a super modern center. They advertise that the power station will be a building the size of Trafalgar Square, but it is funny: When you stand in the skeleton of the power station appears much bigger than Trafalgar Square!

However: if you can go and see it untill November 5th: GO!

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same sex  

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dads grave It seems ages ago that I did my apprentice ship as stone mason and sculptor. It actually feels as if it was another person who did it- However, what staed with me is that I like grave yards and am interested in the ways people choose to remember their deceased realtives and friends. During my apprentice ship I was quite strict concerning design, style and what should be allowed on graveyards and what not. Peoples tastes are sometimes really difficult to understand, but in the end (the real end), everyone should be able to erect a monument which suits to his memory, even though some might be tasteless by others. China is a big supplier of stones for European graveyeards and not only this. Labour is cheap in China and so ideas can be realised for smaller budgets. The outcome as seen on an English graveyard can be seen above. One can just hope that it was not a Chinese child who had to sculpt this Dads memorial instead of playing football...

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Grave Value

A certain Jacqui Minhinnet obviously values life over death. She wants to sell the grave she inherited. It is just a grave, but it happens to be on Highgate Cemetery, in close neighbourhood to the grave of Karl Marx. Well and this piece of land is supposed to be worth around 280.000Pounds, which the owner rather spends alive than uses as her last place of rest. For everyone who is interested, the grave is listed on ebay and the first second hand grave plot...

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Ich habe einen Vogel

Freitag Abend war wieder mal 'Friday Night at the Victoria&Albert Museum '; einmal im Monat ist das Museum bis 22.00h geöffnet: Der Abend steht gewöhnlich unter einem Thema und dieses mal lautete es: Craft rocks!. Als Gesamtveranstaltung war der letzte lange Freitag spannender, aber vielleicht gab das Thema auch mehr her(Arabise me), und wirklich, ich fühlte mich danach 'arabised'.

Dafür durfte ich mir dieses mal ein Souvenir mitnehmen. Die Halle mit den Abgüssen war besetzt von einem Schwarm kleiner Wedgewood Vögeln aus hellem und denkelblauen Porzellan. die etwa 4000 Piepmätze sassen auf dem Boden und auf Podesten und warteten auf ein neues zuhause... und einer bewacht nun meinen Schlaf.  

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I love the grey sky... and stormy weather, especially around the Southbank area...


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a new friend-ship leaves my harbour...

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