eene meene muh

Für alle, die noch nicht wissen, wo sie bei der bevorstehenden Wahl ihr Kreuzchen machen sollen empfehle ich den Wahl-O-Mat . Hab den Test gerade gemacht und muss sagen, dass mich das Ergebnis einigermassen überrascht hat. Mein Wahlverhalten wird es kaum ändern, aber ich sehe mir die Programme noch mal näher an-

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I fühle mich als hätte ich das Abitur ein zweites mal geschrieben. Ielts steht für einen standartisierten internationalen Englischtest, der nur von bestimmten Instituten durchgeführt wird, zum Beispiel vom British Council und dieser Test ist meist gefordert als Nachweis der englischen Sprachkenntnisse fürs Studium oder zum Arbeiten im Ausland. Also, ich musste diesen Test machen, Academic Mode und verbrachte die vergangene Woche mit Prüfungsvorbereitungen. Na, erinnert Ihr Euch noch ans Erörterungen schreiben? Einleitung, Hauptteil, verschiedene Argumentationsketten und Schluß? Also ich sah mir Prüfungsaufgaben Ielts preparation  an und mir wurde ‚angst und bange’. Also übte ich brav jeden Tag. Gestern war es dann soweit; jeweils eine Stunde wurde erst Hörverständnis, dann Leseverständnis und danach die Fähigkeiten des schriftlichen Ausdrucks getestet. Puh. Und danach kam noch ein Interview von 20 Minuten. In die Prüfung darf man nur seinen Pass mitnehmen. Nicht mal mit den eigenen Stiften darf man Schreiben. Zwischen den einzelnen Prüfungsteilen gibt es nur kurze Pausen, in denen man die Toilette (in Begleitung) besuchen kann. In der Vorbereitung haben alle Freunde sich gewundert, warum ich so aufgeregt bin, bei meinen Englischkenntnissen, aber wenn man sich mal die Prüfungsaufgaben ansieht und bedenkt, wann man so was zum letzten mal gemacht hat, versteht man vielleicht, warum ich mich quasi vor Schreck erkältet habe und verstopfte Nebenhöhlen bekam. Jetzt heisst es abwarten. In zwei Wochen bekomme ich das Ergebnis und somit die Entscheidung, ob ich die kommenden 2 Jahre in London verbringen werde. Übrigens, nach demTtest verwöhnte ich mich mit Kaffee und Kuchen. Gemeinsam mit Miriam überlegte ich, wie wir wohl in so einem Test in Deutsch abschneiden würden...

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Yesterday I needed a movie to chill out and went to the video library in Duncker Str. There the dvds are standing in shelfs like books and the small titles on the ‚spines’ train and test my eyes. By chance I came across ‚Kitchen Stories’, a Swedish production a friend had told me about. What a hilarious movie! We are taken into the Sixties. A professor successfully investigated the work of houswifes in the kitchen. He helped to build new kitchens, in which the women no longer have to walk to Ghana during one year of working in the kitchen, but only to norhtern Italy. The new group he is interested in are single men and their use of kitchens. A group of observers is sent to the countryside. There they live in trailers outsite of their hosts houses. In their hosts kitchens they put up a high chair (which reminds of this simple wooden ‚watch-towers’ used for hunting). The idea is that the observer sits there and notes down every movement of the host in the kitchen. But he plans don’t work out as expected. One of the observers, Folke was meant to stay with Isak. However Isak appears not to be very supportive and after denying access to the house he gives in but he obviously stops using his kitchen. In fact the host begins to observe the observer... Host and observer are not meant to comunicate to keep the observation as neutral as possible. Well, what can I say, the absurdity is shown with attention to small details and with a loving eye. I want to see it again!

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under ground

I am a fan of public transport. Have always been. And the underground is my favourite. Years ago, when I went to Berufschule (a school you attend while doing a professional training) in Munich, I alway wondered about the special smell in the underground passages. Maybe they use a special detergent there, but for me, this smell was always welcoming and kind of comforting. During a visit in Ny York I was fascinated by the anouncments the drivers made; they sounded like RAP singers and obviously enoyed their performances. When I did my MA in London, I got to know all the short cuts in Tottenham Rd Station. It was great to sneak around tourists and others and being able to get into sunlight in the shortest possible time. The Metro in Moscow is the queen of underground with station decorated like palaces of the working class. The lenght and highth of the escalators was breathtaking. Tokyos underground system is so different, clean and running smoothly; even when people stand skin to skin in rush hour they do manage to ignore or tolerate each other. In Berlin you will be asked for change or to buy a homeless magazine on every ride. Often someone just tells his story of not having a home and nothing to eat. On a bad day this can make you feel pretty down and when you are looking for a job, you might think you end up the same... Sometimes people make music and once a middle aged English fellow in Hippie outfit sang 'Dont't worry, be happy'. When I visited London the other week I was curious how people were behaving after the bombings in July. The absurdity of racism is quite obvious there, because the mixture of people in every carriage can drive the anxious crazy; or make him realize how absurd these attacks were and how they attack EVERYBODY, as people of every ethnic group are sitting in every train. And maybe this is an image standing for our modern time: We all sit on a train, looking around anxiously and then we forget the fear again, just being involved in our own thoughts and lifes; all the same the train is endlessly running somewhere and taking us with it.
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Again I am about to move. An English test, or rather the result of it will decide wether I will go to London in September or if I stay here in Berlin. I already look around with the sentimental look of bidding fare-well... There are so many things I will miss when I leave... ...like the sight of the Fernsehturm, this unique land-mark. ...naturally I will miss my friends and the possibility, just to call them and then meet up for a coffee in one of those numerous cafes just in walking distance from my place ..and I will miss my Aikido-lessons and the people there. How strange, I don't know most people's names, but their sight and body movements became strangely familiar on the mat. But maybe me knowing rigth from the start that I might have to leave the city again, made me watch my surrounding more closely and made me look, enjoy and remember even more. However, I will know more in two weeks time-
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Welches Schweinderl hättens denn gern?

Wahlen stehen vor der Türe und endlich kommt etwas Bewegung in unsere Diskussionslandschaft, Danke Herr Stoiber und Herr Lafontaine. Auch im gestrigen Tatort gings um Politik und ein neues Gesicht in einer Partei...und dann hatte ich vor kurzem dieses Buch gelesen: 'Die Herausforderung', von Michael Schindhelm. In seinem Roman beschreibt er die Vorbereitungen für eine Landtagswahl im Osten, ich glaube, es ist Dresden. Der Herausforderer hat mehrere Jahre für das Goethe Institut vor allem in der arabischen Welt gearbeitet, bevor er sich in die Politik begab. Und dort muss er nun zusehen, dass er seine Schäfchen zum richtigen Kreuzchen auf den Wahlzetteln bekommt. Die Geschichte baut sich vor allem aus Dialogen auf, die zugegebenermaßen bisweilen etwas anstrengend zu Lesen sind, aber, wie meisten bei Schindhelm mag ich seine persönliche Annäherung an die Hauptfiguren, das Verständnis und Verstehen, das er bei mir für seine 'Helden' weckt. Als das Buch Anfang des Jahres herauskam, war von Neuwahlen noch keine Rede, jetzt hat es aktuelle Bezüge und leuchtet hinter die Kulissen der Werbeplakate und Reden.Ich empfehle das Buch und verleihe es gerne-
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House of Correction

One London evening I just spent with the tellie. British television is usually fun for me and this evenings program was really extraordinary -for me. Three men were sent to the House of Correction, by their wifes of course. In the house a coach, a psychiatrist and an ex-army officer was waiting for them. Their wifes had given them the choice between change in behaviour or divorce. The three guys were quite different, one bulky kind of comfortable, another one loud and sexist and a third one, old and friendly but kind of autistic. They came to an isolated Scottish castle, where they had to pass tasks and were confronted with their behaviour at home.For one day they had to work as chamber-maids, ah, boys in a hotel near by, they had to get into touch with horses and they had to hold a dinner party for a group of local women. Most amazing was the slightely sexist man with the pony; he was afraid of horses and is usually not short of words. There he was faced with a pony who was reacting to his fear... I was amazed how real adn entertaining this show was made and not unexpectadly the three men had changed a bit, but had difficultiues in adapting in their usual surrounding with their changed behaviour... As I was wondering how much I actually liked the show, I found myself in another program...called the 'Sex Inspectors'. It is a kind of supernanni program about a couples sex life- A British psychologist and an American-I gon't-know-what-he-is were sorting out the unsexy sex life of a British couple...AUTSCH- I don't want to see that! I am busy enough sorting out my own sex-life and do not want to be confronted with other peoples intimacies! After all, the evening was a cure...and: who sends a program or its producers to a House of Correction? How would they look like, lets say afetr a week of being confronted with watching their own program? Hell might be heaven, compared with this bore!
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