La Biennale

It is always a pleasure to come to Venice-

as it is to see the Giardini part of Biennale. This is how can can be encountered with pleasure: you move around a garden and the art pieces are individually housed. In the German Pavillon the details of Isa Genzkens work struck me: detail  In the Italian Pavillon Bruce Naumans work seems like an image of our society with the overload of informations and impressions:Nauman  What always amazes me is the pleasure to see 'old friends', artists work you think you know and who always offer another twist and turn: In this case it was Luoise Bourgeois:LB

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Venice forever

hedgehog church  I love Venice!

Salute church as a hedgehog and the water is so turquois blue...

just some tourists worry me... must be an American

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