Yesterday I went to see the exhibition of Liza Lou at the . Here is an articel by the author Jeanette Winterston ('Oranges are not the only fruit') on her exhibition at the White Cube . It is very easy and at the same time very difficult to describe her works, but most of all they are moving.

It is pretty straight forward: she works with beads and coats every day objects with them. So far so good, but her last project was working on a fence, which was coated with what seems millions of shiny glassy beads. They sparkle and you want to touch them. It seems as if tears are bound to them. Liza Lou worked with Zulu woman on this undertaking. She also produced a couple of works in relation to Guantanamo, all in and with beads again.

Unfortunately I could not find any good images on the net(or I did not find them), but watch out for her and go and see her work if possible...

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my flatmate...SONIC!!!


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Britischer Rechtsdschungel

ok, dann werde ich also nicht betrunken auf Kühen reiten ... 

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Ich habe mir ja immer gewünscht, einen Drucker an mein Hirn anschliessen zu können. Das Frauenhofer Institut hat meine Bitte scheinbar erhört: Link .

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rocking without rolling

Recently I talked to a friend about how to relax. We both found it difficult to switch off and this link was sent to me today and might be a good idea about how to do something deeply satisfying(WHEN it works), which probably relaxes you as well: rock without rolling .

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That thing

The National Geographic Society tries to give an answer to the ever-lasting question: what is That thing called Love .

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instant memory

Yesterday I visited a primary school as part of my teacher training. The school was nice and during break time I went to the staff room and made myself a cup of instant coffee. The sun was shining when I sat down and sipped from the hot brew, when all of a sudden I was flooded with memories that came from the back of my mind. When I was a child and teenager the coffee which was drunk in my dads bakery was mostly an instant coffee (only for special occasions, like an 'official coffee' or a celebration the coffee-machine was brought out and a filter coffee was prepared). My grandmother usually drank the instant coffee with condensed milk; and there, yesterday, in the staffroom, I drank instant coffee(with ordinary milk), but out of the blue(instantly) I had the plastic tablecoth in front of me and my grandmothers hand, which put the milk-tin(Bärenmarke) in front of me.

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