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Japanese Cultural Institute, Cologne, 2009 The different tokonoma-projects were shown in the exhibition rooms of the institution. The fabrics, which were part of the tokonoma, were presented within the exhibition. ‚axis of viewing/tokonoma_march‘ was shown with a video and the threads used in the performance.



Kunsttempel, Kassel, 2007 Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 2009 In the exhibition ‚Poetikum‘ the visitors were invited to add their own personal places and words of longong to a map consisting of words written on a wall of the Kunsttempel.



KAPPATOS GALLERY, Athen ‘beside’ zinc paint 1 Steffi Jüngling and Adonis Pittas were invited by the curator Christina Petrinou to exhibit at the opening of the new Kappatos Gallery in Athens. The artists decided to work site-specific and their pieces reacted to each other. 2 Steffi Jüngling realised a window piece, drawing waves on the […]


sweet memories_e

Sugar Loaf Walk is an unspectacular passage in the East of London with nothing really sugery about it. One kg of icing suger has been has been spread over some doilies of different shapes and sizes, leaving the pathway decorated with doily pattern. A set of photographs is documenting the installation.


ex libris_e

Murhardsche Landesbibliothek, Kassel, 2005 For this installation the old index cards of the library which had been replaced by an online catalogue were covered with colorful plastic sheets; only single words and lines were left out in a passe-partout like way. These index cards show words, such as ‘the unanswered questions’ ‚Furore‘ ’souvenir‘ ‚Urne oder […]



Library of the Goethe Institute, Tokyo, 2004 During the hot and humid summer in Tokyo some people will think about cooler places, where they prefer to be. But as this is not always possible, there are only other ways to escape, like trying to read you somewhere else. For the duration of this exhibition the […]



A small path is leading through a landscape of crumpled up papers and at one point of the exhibition room, a hand is projected on the gallery floor, which constantly starts to write; but after every one or two lines the hand stops and noisily crumples up each paper and throws it away. One gets […]