Library of the Goethe Institute, Tokyo, 2004

During the hot and humid summer in Tokyo some people will think about cooler places, where they prefer to be. But as this is not always possible, there are only other ways to escape, like trying to read you somewhere else.

For the duration of this exhibition the visitors of the library of the Goethe Institute, Tokyo were faced with an unusual view: some books (dictionaries, picture books, maps and others) which were sorted out from the library have been taken apart and and the pages have been folded to paper planes.

These planes were floating within the library as a cloud of paper.


A window piece shows the music of a German folk song (‚Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär’/’If I was a bird‘), which Germans and Japanese know in their own language and culture. While the German text contemplates, how easily one could fly to the beloved as a bird, the Japanese version describes a night train coming and passing by.