wait and see_e


ef gallery, Tokyo, 2004

This piece was part of an evening with various happenings at ef gallery, Tokyo on 17th of April 2004. Entering the gallery every visitor was asked to donate one piece of his hair to the artist. Carefully she cut the hair and fixed it with cellotape on a piece of paper.

There is a saying according to which you can make someone fall in love with you by making him/her eat a part of your body. The easiest way is to hide a piece of hair in the food or drink of the desired person and make him or her eat or drink the prepared food/beverage.

This evening was supposed to be the starting point of an experiment. Steffi Jüngling cut a piece of each of the earlier collected hair and put them into a wine-glass. She stirred the hair and wine with a spoon and drank it, making sure not to leaving a hair behind.

Four weeks after the event a report about the effects of that evening will be placed in the gallery.