A small path is leading through a landscape of crumpled up papers and at one point of the exhibition room, a hand is projected on the gallery floor, which constantly starts to write; but after every one or two lines the hand stops and noisily crumples up each paper and throws it away. One gets the impression that the masses of paper are constantly increasing and that the hand never stops to write.

The white pieces of paper shimmer in a cool blue and the loose surface with its mountains and valleys reminds of a blankett of snow or a polar landscape of ice. Looking closer, the spectator discovers that there is writing in blue ink on each single piece of paper.
What is to be written here apparently is a love letter and the spectator looks over the shoulder of an imaginary person trying to write. The lines are well known parts of love songs and hits, which evoke the music in the heads of the viewers. In their sequence they nearlly tell a love story with all its ups and downs. This installation is also exhibited in private rooms and apartments where the papers spread out over different rooms like a glacier.

„Katzengold“- cat´s gold, is the German term for found stones, which resemble gold, but do not have another value than for the eye.

Kunsttempel, 2002