Mein Herz-Dein herz/My heart-your heart_e

For quite a while I was looking for a book which I wanted to copy by hand-writing in a monch-like attitude when I came across „Mein Herz, mein Zimmer, mein Name“/“My heart, my room, my name“ by the Austrian poet Friederike Mayröcker in an antiquarian bookshop. On 340 pages she describes poetic states and chains of associations without a full stop or a break.
Reading a couple of lines in the bookstore I knew that this was the ´right´book to be transscribed, firstly because I was looking for a text which demanded the reader in a special way, but which also invited the intense perception of a text by reading through re-writing.
From the 9th of February 1998 untill the 3rd of December 1999 I read and wrote one or two pages each day untill I reached the last page of the book.
At the very beginning I only transscribed, but soon I started to draw and paint into the book. A kind of dialogue came into being, which I documented with my camera